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Source: Voice of America


Now, the VOA Special English program "Words and their stories".


Today’s program is all about eyes. When it comes to relationships, people’s eyes can be a window into their hearts. This means that their eyes can tell a lot about how they feel. We will tell a story about a man and woman who are teachers at the same school.

when it comes to: en lo que respecta a; relationships: relaciones; eyes can be a window into their hearts: los ojos pueden ser un medio vía que revela sus sentimientos; can tell a lot: pueden decir mucho; about how: acerca de cómo; 


The woman is interested in the man. She uses many methods to catch his eye, or get him to notice her. Once he sets eyes on her, or sees her, she might try to get him interested in her by acting playful. In other words, she might try to make eyes at him or give him the eye.

methods: métodos, artimañas; to catch his eye: atraer la mirada, despertar el interés; set eyes on someone: fijarse en alguien; by acting playful: comportándose divertida e informal; to make eyes at someone: mirar a alguien coquetamente; give someone the eye: mirar a alguien con interés (con buenos ojos);


Let us suppose that this man gets hit between the eyes. In other words, the woman has a strong effect on him. He wants to spend time with her to get to know her better. He asks her out on a date.

let us supppose: supongamos que; get hit between the eyes: quedar impactado; have a strong effect on someone: causar gran efecto, influir sobre alguien; spend time: dedicar tiempo, compartir; to get to know her: para llegarla a conocer; he asks her out on a date: la invita a salir;


She is so happy that she may walk around for days with stars in her eyes. She is extremely happy because this man is the apple of her eye, a very special person. She might tell him that he is the only person she wants, or I only have eyes for you.”

with stars in her eyes: repleta de felicidad (con brillo estelar en sus ojos); extremely: absolutamente; the apple of her eye: lo más querido o más apreciado; might tell him: podría decirle; I only have eyes for you: sólo tengo ojos para ti;


On their date, the couple might eat a meal together at a restaurant. If the man is really hungry, his eyes might be bigger than his stomach. He might order more food than he can eat. When his food arrives at the table, his eyes might pop out. He might be very surprised by the amount of food provided. He might not even believe his own eyes. If fact, all eyes would be watching him if he ate all the food. This might even cause raised eyebrows. People might look at the man with disapproval.

on their date: el día de su cita; eyes bigger than one's stomach: comer con los ojos; his eyes might pop out: él podría sorprenderse (sus ojos podrían salirse de sus órbitas); provided: servida; believe his own eyes: creer lo que está viendo; in fact: de hecho; all eyes: todos los presentes; if he ate: si él comiese (subjunctive tense); raised eyebrows: miradas de asombro (to raise eyebrow: asombrarse (arquear las cejas como expresión de asombro); with disapproval: con gesto de desaprobación;


During their dinner, the couple might discuss many things. They might discover that they see eye to eye, or agree on many issues. They share the same beliefs and opinions. For example, they might agree that every crime or injury should be punished. That is, they firmly believe in the idea of an eye for an eye.

see eye to eye: opinar de igual forma (ver con los mismos ojos); many issues: muchos temas; share: comparten; beliefs: creencias, convicciones; crime: delito, acto criminal; injury: perjuicio; should be punished: debería ser castigado; firmly believe in: creen firmemente en; an eye for an eye: ojo por ojo (ley del talión);


They might also agree that it is wrong to pull the wool over a person’s eyes. This means to try to trick a person by making him believe something that is false. But the man and woman do not believe in the evil eye, that a person can harm you by looking at you.

agree that: estar de acuerdo en que; pull the wool over a person's eyes: dar gato por liebre (engañar a alguien para obtener ventajas); to trick: engañar; by making  him believe: haciéndole creer; false: falso; believe in the evil eye: creer en el mal de ojo; can harm you: puede hacerte daño; by looking at you: mirándote a los ojos;


The next day, at their school, the woman asks the man to keep an eye on, or watch the young students in her class while she is out of the classroom. This might be hard to do when the teacher is writing on a board at the front of the classroom. To do so, a teacher would need to have eyes in the back of his head. In other words, he would know what the children are doing even when he is not watching them.

to keep an eye on: vigilar (no quitar el ojo); while she is out: mientras ella está fuera; hard to do: difícil de llevar a cabo; to have eyes in the back of his head: tener ojos en la nuca; even when: aún cuando; watching them: observándolos.


"Words and their stories", in VOA Special English, was written by Jill Moss. I’m Faith Lapidus.