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A debate on Frank R. Stockton's story

The final outcome in this story
has been debated in literature classes for years. You will find below some interesting
(even funny) comments
from teachers and students.

It's a great story and very irritating. I think it also tells a lot about the love of two people and how it's not always fair.

Lady or tiger also depends on the man making a choice - how well does he know the princess and the fate she would choose for him, and, knowing her, what fate would he choose?

Is it really a portrayal of human nature? Would the princess rather have her love life out the remainder of his life with another woman, or would she have him die to have him be her own? I think it's the tiger.

I think it's the tiger, because, and I am not a sexist, I love women, but jealous women are quite nasty. I heard that Frank Stockton used to get cornered at parties by people and they asked him in person who came out of the door.

This story is really deep if you think about it. For example, the princess might choose the lady because she thinks her lover will choose the opposite as he knows she is semi-barbaric (and he thinks she would choose the tiger).

Definitely the tiger... Nothing is more scary than a jealous woman.

If the lady really loved the man, she'd want him to be happy even if he'd be with another woman. If it was the tiger, then she was selfish about her love and let him die without letting anyone feel the love she had felt from him. Instead of sharing his love, she thought "If I can't have him, no one else can", but really, it depends... I'm not sure.

I think it's the lady. Yet I believe the princess had shown him to the door of tiger. The youth must have known her feverish passion and her barbarity. He would not choose what the princess had shown. And this understanding was what makes the princess loved him so much.

The story has a great ending. Stockton knew what he was doing when he never told anyone the ending. Personally, I think it was the tiger. If the princess couldn't have the man then no one could.(especially a women she hated).

It's the tiger. What can you expect from a jealous and semi-barbaric woman? Love is not always about giving up and fighting for it. Selfishness is one factor, too.

I think he rushed to open both doors as quickly as possible. The tiger ate the lady, and he was free.

I think that although the theory that the man chose the door opposite the one the princess pointed out would be a good one, but the story plainly says that he did open the one on the right, as the princess wanted.

This is an inconsistent story.the reason is,I think, the author let us choose between only two types of love: love with self sacrifice and love with jealousy. If you think the jealousy is more powerful than devotion, then you would say, "It`s the tiger."

This story is excellent. Sometimes I think that our happiness depends on our making of a wise choice, so we have to cherish what we own at present. I believe next to hunger and thirsty, love is the strongest human emotion.

I enjoyed this story immensely because it didn't reveal which door the princess had her lover choose. It's impossible to speculate whether he ended up dying a gruesome death caused by the tiger, or living a life with a beautiful woman, when he truly loved another. That is what makes the story so enjoyable.

The man knew the princess was a jealous wench and she was just using him for her own pleasure so he faked her out and picked the opposite door and now he's living happily ever after with a sweet hot babe.

This was an awesome story that held my attention to the very end. It's a wicked way to end the story, by letting the reader decide which is the lesser of two evils. One of the better stories I have read on by far.


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