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Alan Maley

Sarah was waiting for a man like Jason to walk into her life...

Sarah was trembling with excitement.

She was shaking so much that she got her zip stuck and dropped her lipstick down the loo. It was six-thirty and she was due to be at Jason's flat in an hour. She took a deep breath and told herself to be
sensible; after all it was only a dinner date.

But the very thought of seeing him set her pulse racing. She poured herself a quick drink, then checked her hair and make-up for the last time. Then she rushed out and hailed a passing taxi.

They had met a month earlier at a party. He had asked her to dance. They ended up spending the whole evening in each other's company. Jason was tall and athletic, and dressed impeccably. He also seemed very gentle and considerate; he had driven her home after the party but only kissed her in a brotherly way. She had just broken up with Kevin - and Jason was such a pleasant contrast!

Since then, they had met several times - but always with other people, in restaurants or at parties. She knew she was special for him, and after the last party, he had driven her home again. This time he had kissed her - but not like a brother! He had invited her to supper at his flat in Bayswater.

That night she had hardly slept, she was so excited. At last she would see him alone on his home ground. They would really get to know each other - and perhaps...? She told herself to stop fantasizing.

Sarah had been in London a year. After graduating she had got a job as a systems analyst in the City. She felt adult at last. In the taxi she thought how Jason had completely taken over her mind. Yet she really knew almost nothing about him, not even what he did for a living. All she knew was that he was elegant, well-mannered, intelligent, rich - and dangerously attractive. She asked the taxi to drop her off at the corner of the mews where Jason lived. As she paid the driver, she remembered that he had invited her for eight-thirty, not seven-thirty. In her excitement she had got confused. What should she do? She could wait an hour but decided not to. Instead she would go to his flat and explain that she was early - surely he would understand.

She looked for number 7 - there it was. She was just about to ring the bell when she looked up at the first-floor window. There, silhouetted against the gauze curtains, she saw the unmistakable outline of a female figure. And behind it was Jason's own shadow. The woman was moving to and fro. Then she took off some of her clothes. Sarah could hardly believe her eyes. She turned, ran out of the lane and took a taxi home.

The phone rang at nine, at nine-thirty and at ten. She let it ring. That would teach him a lesson! He never called her again.

The weeks that followed were a torture. She avoided going out, in case she met Jason. A month later she opened a fashion magazine and saw Jason's handsome face smiling at her. He was the centrepiece of an article on the latest women's fashions. He had won the prize for the best young fashion designer of the year. The article mentioned that he worked with his models from his own flat in Bayswater.

Source: An Extract from "Musical Cheers and Other Very Short Stories" (retold by David Wharry)


she got her zip stuck: her zipper was stuck (se le trabó el cierre o la cremallera)
down the l
oo (colloquial): down the toilet (dentro del inodoro)
sensible: showing judgement (sensata)

hailed: called (llamó)
impeccably: precisely, neatly, stylishly (impecablemente)
she had just broken up: she had just discontinued her relationship (acababa de enojarse o romper relaciones)
to drive someone home: to take someone in one's car (llevar a alguien a su casa en el auto)
fantasizing: imagining or inventing things

taken over her mind: taken control of her mind (dominado su mente)
to drop her off: to leave her (dejarla)
mews: place where horses are kept turned into apartments (caballerizas)
silhouetted: when the shadow of a person of thing is seen behind a curtain or screen (con la silueta reflejada)
gauze curtains: semitransparent fabric (cortinas de gasa semitransparentes)
to and fro: from one place to another and back again (de un lado para el otro)
she let it ring: she allowed the phone to ring with answering it (lo dejó sonar)
handsome: good-looking (guapo, bien parecido)