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Sara Hall

You’ll be surprised
how much you can
do to help.

According to researchers, there is an alarming increase in the number of whales and dolphins being stranded on beaches. If the dolphins and whales are left unaided, they face certain death.

Nobody knows why there is an increase in the number of mammals becoming stranded. One theory is that the mammals rely heavily on hearing. They search for food by hearing. Parasites or infections can cause hearing difficulties. The animals become disorientated and swim on to the shore.

Another theory is that mass stranding is caused by the leader making a wrong choice and, when the leader heads for the beach, the others follow.

Despite these theories, researchers continue to try to find the answer to this growing problem. Environmental issues have also been raised. A rescue operation was launched in the China Seas in 1994 to save a dolphin, but it died. Following a post-mortem, it was discovered that one third of the dolphin's stomach was filled with and blocked by plastic bags.

Attempts to rescue dolphins and whales can be extremely difficult and must be done properly. Dolphins and whales can die if they are rolled back into the sea too roughly.

Experts ensure that a dolphin's body is kept straight. The mammal's blow hole is kept clear so that it can breathe properly. The mammal's skin is kept as wet as possible. Rescuers use a stretcher to ease the shock of the move back to the sea.

Sometimes rescuers jump into the sea to guide the dolphin back to its natural environment. According to researchers, even just a few hours of human contact can mean that the dolphin does not return to the sea immediately, but swims around in circles to show emotional attachment.

More and more people are showing their concern for the fate of the whales and dolphins. If you would like to know more about the issues, contact your local environmental association. You will be surprised at how much you can do to help.

Source: CNN Website


researchers: los investigadores
alarming increase: alarmante aumento
whales: ballenas
dolphins: delfines
stranded: encallados, varados
unaided: sin ayuda
face: enfrentan

mammals: mamíferos
rely heavily on hearing: en gran medida confían en su audición
parasites: los parásitos
disorientated: desorientados
shore: costa
mass stranding: el encallado o varamiento masivo
making a wrong choice: elige erróneamente
despite: a pesar de
environmental issues: problemas ambientales

raised: planteado
rescue: de rescate
launched: lanzada
blocked: bloqueado
properly: adecuadamente
rolled back: regresadas
too roughly: rudamente, a los empujones
ensure: se aseguran
is kept straight: se mantenga plano
blow hole: respiradero (agujero de respiración)
stretcher: camilla
emotional attachment: apego emocional
concern: preocupación
fate: destino