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Nigel Cooper

90 million years
ago the Arctic
was a swamp.

A study carried out in the Canadian Arctic has confirmed that ninety million years ago the Arctic was a hot swamp-like environment.

Professor Tarduno and his team of scientists studied rocks above a layer of basalt one thousand feet thick in the Canadian Arctic.

Basalt comes from volcanoes and such a thick layer suggests a number of very heavy volcanic eruptions. The team studied the layers above the basalt and found shale, which is ancient mud. This suggests that the volcanic eruptions were followed by areas of muddy lagoons and swamps. The mud at the bottom of lagoons and swamps is ideal for preserving fossils.

The team found remains of bones belonging to a champosaur in the shale. The champosaurs were crocodile-like creatures. Their nearest living relatives today live in hot, tropical areas of the world.

The scientists also found remains of fish and turtles which were what the champosaurs ate. Professor Tarduno says that his findings confirm that global warming was a problem ninety million years ago. The frequent volcanic eruptions allowed animals such as the champosaur to roam in Arctic landscapes that now only polar bears and penguins can tolerate.

Source: English Digest


carried out: llevado a cabo
swamp-like environment: terreno o entorno pantanoso
team: equipo
a layer of basalt: camada de basalto
feet thick: pies de espesor
volcanoes: volcanes
such a thick layer: una capa de semejante espesor
volcanic eruptions: erupciones volcánicas
shale: pizarra, esquisto
ancient mud: barro sedimentario
muddy lagoons: lagunas fangosas
swamps: pantanos

at the bottom of: en el lecho de
for preserving fossils: para preservar fósiles
remains of bones: restos de huesos
champosaur: champosaurio
crocodile-like creatures: fauna semejante a los cocodrilos
turtles: tortugas
global warming: el calentamiento global
allowed animals: les permitía a los animales
to roam: desplazarse por
polar bears: osos polares
penguins: pingüinos
tolerate: soportar