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Source: Voice of America


For Game One of the 2014 World Cup, fans of Brazil gathered to watch the action at a Brazilian restaurant in the Brooklyn area of New York. They waited with excitement for a goal against the team from Croatia. They did not have to wait long.

game one: primer partido; gathered to watch: se reunieron para ver; area: zona; excitement: ansiedad; for a goal against: por un gol contra; team from: equipo de; have to wait long: tener que esperar mucho tiempo;


Juliana Marcussi smiled as some Brazilian supporters climbed on tables to dance. She says that football is more than just a sport to people from her home country.

smiled as: se sonreía mientras; supporters: fanáticos; climbed on tables: se subían a las mesas; to dance: para bailar; more than just a sport: más que un deporte; from her home country: de su país de origen;


“It’s sort of a religion for Brazilians. It represents our faith in our country. Even if there are some troubles as we are having right now, you still believe in it because it’s part of you.”

sort of religion: algo así como una religión; our faith: nuestra fe; even if there are: aún cuando existen; some troubles: algunos problemas; as we are having right now: como los que estamos teniendo en estos momentos; you still believe: uno todavía cree; it's part of you: forma parte de ti;


The next day, supporters of the team from Mexico gathered at a Mexican restaurant in Queens. Marilyn Estrada is a waitress at the restaurant. She says she was excited that Mexico had just defeated Cameroon.

the next day: al día siguiente; waitress: camarera, moza; excited: emocionada; had just defeated: acababa de derrotar a, vencer a;


"I feel really, really happy because we won our first game in the FIFA World Cup, one-zero, so that's exciting. It represents Mexico as a strong country. We could win. We could win this World Cup. We could go all the way!"

really: totalmente; we won: ganamos; one-zero: uno a cero; strong country: país sólido, fuerte; we could win: podríamos ganar; we could go all the way: podríamos llegar al final (de la Copa);


Two Mexican-American friends, Pedro and Diego, talked about Mexico’s victory as they rode a train a short time later. They spoke with VOA reporter Adam Phillips.

as they rode a train: mientras viajaban en tren; a short time later: algo más tarde;


“The best moment was when, you know, we got that goal, that definite score. Being that we already had some chances and we couldn’t get it in there, and we got the job done and that’s what matters. Luckily, the goalie saved us because... We were about to get scored on, and he flew in the air…"
"Do you think it’s going to go all the way?”
"Oh yeah of course, we’re hoping for the best. But we’re fanatics".

we got that goal: hicimos ese gol; definite score: puntaje definitorio; being that: considerando que; we already had: ya teníamos; we couldn't get in there: no lográbamos hacer el gol; we got the job done: logramos hacerlo; that's what matters: eso es lo que interesa; luckily: afortunadamente; goalie: arquero, portero; saved us: nos salvó; we were about to get scored on: nos estaban por hacer un gol; he flew in the air: voló por el aire; to go all the way: llegar hasta las finales; hoping for the best: esperando lo mejor; we're fanatics: somos fanáticos;


One restaurant on the island of Manhattan served a crowd of mostly German football fans. They had just watched the country’s national team score yet another goal against Portugal. Michael Momm, the owner of the restaurant, was born in Cologne, Germany. He was excited about the German team.

served: atendió a; crowd of mostly: multitud de mayormente; they had just watched: ellos acababan de ver; score yet another goal against: hacerle todavía otro gol a; the owner: el dueño, propietario; was born: nació; Cologne: Colonia;


“Fantastic. Actually, much better than I expected. Germany is always nervous before we start. But we are definitely a championship team. You know we always rise to the occasion".

much better than I expected: mucho mejor de lo que me imaginaba; nervous: nervioso/s; before wwe start: antes de empezar; definitely: sin duda alguna; a championship team: un equipo campeón; we always rise to the occasion: siempre nos destacamos, siempre estamos a la altura de las circunstancias;


Nicole Weik, who was born in Berlin, also cheered on Germany. She wore a white German football jersey with a three star design. The stars represent the three German World Cup championship wins.

cheered on Germany: alentó a Alemania; she wore: vestía, tenía puesta; football jersey: camiseta de fútbol; a three star design: con un diseño de tres estrellas; championship wins: conquistas o victorias de campeonato;


"We are here to get our fourth star. As Germans, we are quivering for the games forever. And so we have to watch every game, even though we are on vacation!"

to get our fourth star: para conseguir nuestra cuarta estrella; as Germans: como alemanes; quivering: vibrando, estremeciéndonos; forever: eternamente; even though: aún cuando; on vacation: de vacaciones;


There are many games left to enjoy before the FIFA World Cup 2014 ends in the middle of July. The fans of the different national teams in New York City are excited. They are so excited, in fact, that anyone who does not support one team in particular might wish them all success. I'm Jonathan Evans.

there are many games left to enjoy: quedan muchos partidos para disfrutar; ends: termine, culmine; in fact: en realidad; anyone who does not support: alguien que no apoye a; might wish them all success: podría desearle éxito a todos.


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