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Source: Voice of America


From VOA Learning English, this is "As It Is".  I'm Anna Matteo in Washington.


Technology is changing many parts of our lives. But when it comes to sports, fans do not always like new technology. Sports fans can be very loyal. They may not be too pleased if technology threatens to change the way their sport is played or viewed.

lives: vidas;  fans: simpatizantes, hinchas; when it comes to: en lo que respecta a; loyal: leales, fieles; too pleased: muy satisfechos; threatens: amenaza con; viewed: enfocado, considerado;


But what if something can be fixed for the better? Something like making sure all good soccer goals count? International soccer’s governing body, FIFA, thinks most sports fans would approve of that change to the game. Here’s June Simms with more on that story.

but what: pero qué ocurre; fixed for the better: arreglado para mejor; like making sure: como asegurarse; all good soccer goals: todos los goles del fútbol válidos; count: suman; governing body: órgano directivo; most: la mayoría de (los); would approve: aprobarían; game: partido;


Goal line technology was introduced in international football at the Confederations Cup in Brazil last year. The move to goal line technology follows international pressure on the sport's governing body, FIFA, after a missed call in the 2010 World Cup.

goal line technology: la tecnología de la línea de gol (señalada con tiza o pintura); introduced: presentada; move: pase, cambio; follows: obedece; pressure: presión, apremio; missed call: desacierto, paso en falso (metida de pata);


Video replays of a match clearly show that England's Frank Lampard scored a goal against Germany. That goal, however, was denied. Neither the referee nor linesman saw the ball cross the goal line. Fans were not happy, to put it gently. And FIFA heard their protests loud and clear.

replays: repeticiones de un partido; clearly show: muestran claramente; scored a goal against: marcó un gol contra; however: sin embargo; was denied: fue negado, refutado; Neither the referee: ni el árbitro; nor linesman: ni el juez de línea; saw the ball cross: vieron cruzar la pelota; to put it gently: para decirlo con delicadeza; loud and clear: unánimente;


The incident led to the development of goal line technology approved by FIFA. That technology was put to the test at the Confederations Cup in Brazil in 2013.

incident: episodio; led to: desembocó en; development: desarrollo; was put to the test: fue sometida a prueba;


Bjorn Linder is the chairman of GoalControl, the German-based company that won the goal line technology contract for the 2013 Confederations Cup. His team spent weeks in Brazil before the games as part of the FIFA certification process.

chairman: presidente; German-based: de origen alemán; that won: que ganó; contract: contrato; team: equipo de colaboradores; spent weeks: pasó semanas; before the games: antes de los partidos; as part of: como parte de;


“The whole system uses 14 cameras that are installed on the catwalk. We have seven cameras per goal and computers that are connected to those cameras. The computers are catching the images, around 500 pictures per second.” 

the whole system: el sistema completo; catwalk: puente de trabajo, pasarela; per goal: por gol; catching: capturando; around 500 pictures per second: aprox. 500 imágenes por segundo;


Computers track the path of the ball in real time and reconstruct the play. “And once the computer (perceives) the ball has crossed the goal line, it gives a signal to the referee's watch. So all the referees on the field receive a signal and it vibrates and gives an optical signalgoal’ and he knows a goal has occurred.” 

track the path: rastrean el curso; reconstruct: reconstruyen; the play: el juego; once: una vez que; perceives: detecta que; has crossed the goal line: ha cruzado la línea de gol; it gives a signal: envía una señal; referee's watch: reloj del árbitro (ver imagen arriba); vibrates: vibra; an optical signal "goal": una señal óptica que indica "gol"; a goal has occurred: un gol se ha producido;


Electronic eyes on the goal line may settle arguments, but the data is still only a reconstruction of reality. Nic Fleming is a London-based science and technology writer. He believes the use of goal line technology is a chance to educate people about the role of uncertainty in science.

electronic eyes: los ojos electrónicos (ver imagen arriba); may settle arguments: pueden resolver las discusiones; the data is still: la información sigue siendo; London-based: radicado en Londres; a chance to: una oportunidad para; about the role of uncertainty: sobre el rol (que desempeña) la incertidumbre; in science: en la ciencia;


There are fantastic tools, but let’s be realistic about their limitations, that science is about probabilities. Now, what better way than to have this message in a game that's so popular.”

tools: herramientas; let's be realistic: seamos realistas; is about probabilities: trata de las probabilidades; what better way: qué mejor manera; than to have this message: que disponer de este mensaje; in a game that's so popular: en un deporte tan popular;


Goal Control claims an accuracy of plus or minus 5 millimeters. This is well under FIFA’s minimum requirement of plus or minus 3 centimeters. Nic Fleming would like to see that number flashed on the screen. He says viewers could compare the replays to the computer reconstructions and learn a little science.

claims: afirma, alega; accuracy: precisión, exactitud; of plus or minus 5 millimeters: de 5 mm en más o en menos; that number flashed on the screen: que ese número destellara en la pantalla; viewers: los espectadores, televidentes; could compare: podrían comparar; learn a little science: aprender algo de ciencia;


“And the wider point really is that science is central to many public debates today, whether that's climate change or nuclear power or genetic modification. Now, in all of these cases science provides probabilities. It does not provide yes-no, black-white answers. And it’s quite important that the public understands that.”

the wider point: el aspecto más amplio; is central to: es primordial para; public debates: debates públicos; whether that's: llámese; climate change: cambio climático; nuclear power: energía nuclear; genetic modification: ingeniería genética; provides: provee;


Goal line technology may become a central part of the sport. But, it is important to remember that it is still the referee -- not the computer -- that makes the final call. I’m June Simms. Cheers, June. And I’m Anna Matteo.

a central part: una parte fundamental; it is still the referee: sigue siendo el árbitro; that makes the final call: el que adopta la decisión final;


So, what do you think soccer fans?  Will this technology help or hurt the game of soccer?

soccer fans: simpatizantes de fútbol; help or hurt: ayudar o perjudicar a; the game of soccer: el fútbol.


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