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Part 2 -– Source: Voice of America


Six African teams will be playing in the World cup. They are South Africa, Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Cameroon is the highest ranked team and has been the most successful. In 1990 the Indomitable Lions, as they are called, defeated defending champion Argentina and reached the quarterfinals.
the highest ranked team: el equipo de más alta clasificación; the most successful: el de mayor éxito; indomitable lions: leones indómitos; defeated: vencieron;  quarterfinals: cuartos de final.

But possibly the biggest story of this year’s World Cup is the history of the nation holding the huge event. South Africa is a nation of forty-nine million people and Africa’s biggest economy. But it also has struggled with racial division, poverty and high rates of HIV/AIDS infection.
huge event: gigantesco acontecimiento; has struggled with: ha lidiado con; poverty: la pobreza; high rates of HIV/AIDS infection: elevados índices de SIDA.

Danny Jordaan is the head of the South African Organizing Committee. He is also a former football player. And he is an activist who fought the policy of racial separation, called "apartheid". It existed in South Africa until the early nineteen nineties. He says hosting the World Cup will help unite the nation.
former: anterior; who fought the policy of: que luchó en contra de la política de; apartheid: división racial; unite: unificar.

DANNY JORDAAN: “The World Cup is beginning to plant the seeds, serving as a glue to bind the nation. And nation building, social cohesion, is an important outcome for us in this World Cup. And we are quite happy with what we have seen thus far.”
to plant the seeds: a plantar las semillas; as a glue to bind the nation: como un adhesivo que aglutine al país; social cohesion: integración social; outcome: resultado; thus far: hasta ahora.

Like the Olympics, the World Cup provides a good reason to build roads, railways and airports to manage the flow of visitors. New or updated hotels and sporting centers are also part of the preparations.
like: como, del mismo modo que; provides: proporciona; reason: motivo, excusa; to manage the flow: para regular el flujo de visitantes.

The South African government has invested an estimated twelve billion dollars during the past four years. That includes major improvements to the airport in Johannesburg and a new one billion dollar airport in Durban.
major improvements: mejoras fundamentales.

New or improved sports centers are another part of the costly preparations. South Africa has updated its stadium at Soccer City near the Soweto area of Johannesburg. The improved center can hold more than 94,000 screaming fans. The World Cup final will be held there on July 11th.
costly preparations: costosos preparativos; updated: modernizado; can hold: puede congregar, reunir; screaming fans: fanáticos desgañitándose; will be held there: tendrá lugar allí.

Speaking in his native Spanish, Argentina’s coach and former player Diego Maradona praised the stadium.
coach and former player: entrenador y anterior jugador; praised: alabó, elogió.

DIEGO MARADONA (Voiceover): “This stadium means a lot. It is a splendid stadium such as is only seen in a few places on earth.”
voiceover: doblaje; means a lot: significa mucho; on earth: del planeta.

South Africa has also spent nearly two billion dollars to build five new stadiums, including one in the tourist center of Durban. A total of sixty-four matches will take place in ten stadiums around the country.
nearly: casi; matches: partidos; will take place: tendrán lugar; around the country: en todo el país.

Security is also a main concern. South Africa will deploy 40,000 police officers. They must protect visitors from crime, fan disorder and terrorist threats. The government is spending nearly two billion dollars on security training and equipment.
main concern: importante preocupación; will deploy: desplegará; crime: delitos comunes; fan disorder: disturbios de fanáticos; terrorist threats: amenazas terroristas.

Critics say the money could have been better spent helping poor people in the country. But South African President Jacob Zuma says holding the World Cup has brought development that will help the country for many years.
could have been better spent: mejor se podría haber destinado a; has brought development: ha traído el desarrollo.

Thirty-two teams will start the World Cup in South Africa with dreams of reaching football glory. Possibly the biggest hero of the event will come from one of the traditional European or South American football powers. They include Italy, Germany, Brazil and Argentina. Those nations alone have won fourteen of the eighteen World Cups held since 1930.
with dreams of reaching: con los sueños de alcanzar; possibly: probablemente; footbal powers: potencias futbolísticas; held since: presentadas desde.

But there are other, less likely, heroes. Roger Milla was a star for the memorable team from Cameroon in 1990. At age thirty-eight he scored four goals as his team gave the best performance ever by a team from Africa.
less likely: menos probables; he scored four goals: hizo cuatro goles.

For one month, the drama of international football will play out in South Africa. New sports heroes will make history. But the greatest results could take place off the field.
will play out: se hará realidad; sports heroes: héroes deportivos; but the greatest results: pero los mejores resultados; could take place off the field: podrían ocurrir fuera del campo de juego.

This program was written and produced by Mario Ritter with reporting from Scott Bobb and Parke Brewer. I’m Bob Doughty. And I’m Barbara Klein. Who do you think will win the World Cup?


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