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The only team to
have never missed
a World Cup

Football is the prominent sport in Brazil. The National Team has won the FIFA World Cup tournament a record five times and is the only team to have never missed a World Cup participation.

Pelé, one of the most recognized footballers in history, led Brazil to two of those championships and is the top scorer of all time in the sport. The contemporary talents in the football world include Robinho, Elano, Marta, Ronaldinho, Kaká. Some of these players can be considered super-stars.

Brazilian Football Confederation was founded in 1914. Football quickly became a passion for Brazilians, who often refer to their country as "the country of football". Over 10,000 Brazilians play professionally all over the world.

Football has a major effect on
Brazilian culture. It is the favorite pastime of youngsters playing football on streets. The World Cup draws Brazilians together, with people skipping work to view the national team play, or employers setting up apparatus for employees to watch.

The great "foot ability" that the players had could be related to the physical coordination and rhythm associated with the capoeira, Brazilian martial arts, and samba which are characterized by footsteps to dance or to play under the rhythm of African drums. Brazilian football is known for its trickery, fast flowing and  attacking style of play.

anyone that follows soccer, it is evident that the Brazilians play differently. The incredible dribbling ability of Brazilian players in addition to their superb body control are only two of the elements which sets them apart. The Brazilian football player, perhaps most importantly, is creative.

Brazilians play
carefree and happy. “When you think of Brazil you think of samba, smiling, and dancing. The way in which Brazilians play soccer is a direct reflection of how Brazilians live their lives.

Source: Wikipedia

prominent: destacado; has won: ha ganado; five times: cinco veces; missed: perdido; World Cup: Copa Mundial; recognized: reconocidos; led: llevó, condujo; championships: campeonatos; top scorer: máximo goleador; contemporary: contemporáneos; players: jugadores; became: se convirtió en; refer to: se refieren a; pastime: pasatiempo; youngsters: jóvenes; draws Brazilians together: une a los brasileros; skipping work: faltando al trabajo; setting up: instalando; footsteps: pasos; drums: tambores; trickery: astucia; anyone: cualquier persona; soccer: fútbol (USA); in addition to: además de; superb: estupendo, maravilloso; sets them apart: los diferencia, los distingue; perhaps: quizás, tal vez;  carefree: despreocupados; the way in which: la forma en que.

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