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Ask Your Teacher


Hello! This week on Ask a Teacher, we will answer a question about the difference between FOOTBALL and SOCCER.

Hello, my name is Ben. I am a middle school student from China. I like learning English. “Soccer” and “football” sometimes mean the same thing, and sometimes they mean different things. Could you please explain how to tell the difference in daily life? Thank you! Ben.
middle school student: estudiante de escuela secundaria; mean the same: significan lo mismo; in daily life: en la vida diaria;

This is an awesome question, Ben. You are correct, “football” and “soccer” are the same sports. But “football” in the United States is a completely different game from the “football” played in other parts of the world. Let’s take a closer look at those two terms and two different games played.
awesome question: pregunta asombrosa; let's take a closer look: echemos un vistazo más de cerca; at those two terms: a esos dos términos; and two different games played: y dos juegos diferentes jugados;


The most popular game in the world - "football" - is the one played only with the feet. Every four years, players from many nations gather for the World Cup. In game play, a ball is passed and kicked around a large field with goals at each end. A goalkeeper protects each goal while 10 other players try to score. Football is played almost year-round with two short breaks in the winter and summer.
the most popular game in the world: el juego más popular del mundo; the one played: el que se juega; only with the feet: sólo con los pies; every four years: cada cuatro años; gather: se reúnen; for the World Cup: para la Copa del Mundo; in game play: en el juego; a ball is passed: se pasa una pelota; and kicked around: y se la patea alrededor; a large field: de un campo grande; with goals at each end: con arcos o porterías en cada extremo; a goalkeeper: un arquero o portero; protects each goal: protege cada arco o portería; while 10 other players: mientras otros 10 jugadores; try to score: intentan marcar (un gol); almost year round: casi todo el año; with two short breaks: con dos breves descansos;

The Argentina national FOOTBALL team won the 2022 World Cup.
La selección argentina de FÚTBOL ganó la Copa del Mundo 2022.

We also play this game in the United States, but we call it “soccer.” It is the same sport.
but we call it "soccer": pero lo llamamos "fútbol americano"; the same sport: el mismo deporte;

Eleven US cities will host SOCCER games for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.
Once ciudades de Estados Unidos serán sede de partidos de FÚTBOL AMERICANO para la Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2026.

One of the most popular sports in the United States, however, is called "football," but it is a completely different sport. Most people from outside of the U.S. know this sport as "American football" and the big game each year is called the Super Bowl.
however: sin embargo, no obstante; the big game each year: y el partido anual más importante; is called: se denomina; Super Bowl: Partido Final del campeonato;

In this sport, the ball is oval-shaped and brown. The players mostly use their hands as they run and throw the ball down the field to the other team's end zone to score points, known as "touchdowns". Players can also kick the ball over a high bar to score extra points.
oval-shaped and brown: tiene forma ovalada y es de color marrón; mostly use their hands: usan principalmente sus manos; as they run: mientras corren; and throw the ball: y lanzan la pelota; to the other team's end: hasta la zona de anotación del otro equipo; to score points: para anotar puntos; known as "touchdowns": conocidos como "anotaciones"; kick the ball over a high bar: patear la pelota sobre una barra elevadax; to score extra points: para ganar puntos extras;

As with soccer, there are 11 players on each team, but no goalkeepers. Instead, defensive players try to stop the other team from scoring by
knocking the ball away or knocking down the player with the ball. American football is played September through January.
as with soccer: al igual que en el fútbol americano; there are 11 players: hay 11 jugadores; on each team: en cada equipo; but no goalkeepers: pero no hay arqueros o porteros; instead: en cambio; defensive players: los jugadores defensivos; try to stop the other team: intentan evitar que el otro equipo; from scoring: anote; by knocking the ball away: golpeando el balón; or knocking down the player with the ball: o derribando all jugador que tiene el balón; is played September through January: se juega desde septiembre hasta enero;

Unlike SOCCER, there are no professional FOOTBALL teams with women.
A diferencia del FÚTBOL AMERICANO, ​​no hay equipos de FÚTBOL profesional con mujeres.

The West Virginia Mountaineers have won a lot of football games, but they have never won a national college championship.
Los West Virginia Mountaineers han ganado muchos partidos de fútbol, ​​pero nunca han ganado un campeonato universitario nacional.

And that’s Ask a Teacher. I’m Faith Pirlo