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Wilfredo Fernandes

Though the vast majority
of urban tales are pure invention, a handful do
turn out to be based on
real incidents


Spiders in your Yucca plant
A woman buys a Yucca plant for her apartment and gives it pride of place next to her bed. When she wakes the next morning hundreds of baby tarantula spiders have  emerged from the plant and covered her bed.

Nasty Burglars
A family find their home burgled one day. They are so upset that they decide to take a holiday. They return from their holiday, and send the film from their camera to be developed. When the pictures are returned, they find that the first few were taken by the burglars.

Lethal Payphones
There are payphones in your neighbourhood that either have poisons or drugs on the keys that will kill you when you make a call; or have HIV infected needles in the coin return slot that will scratch you when you take your change.

The Car With Its Lights Out
A man is driving along late at night. He sees a car coming in the other direction without its lights on. He flashes his own lights at the car to remind the other driver to put their lights on. The other car is being driven by a gang. The gang are waiting to shoot the first person who flashes their lights at them.

Death From Above
There was a person who was mysteriously killed while walking along a street. The autopsy revealed that he had been killed by a solid object falling from above – a piece of frozen human waste ejected from an aeroplane flying at 10,000 metres.

Source: New English Digest

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