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Michael Slezak

“Anyone who
has a dream
can do anything
they want”.

Italian model, Antonio Sabato, Jr., has been an icon for Calvin Klein and a successful actor. But the most important job of all, says Sabato, is his role as a father to his seventeen-year-old son Jack, his son with actress Virginia Madsen. “My son is the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he says. “I live my life for him.”

Sabato learned the importance of family during his childhood in Italy. Sabato’s father, Antonio Sabato, Sr., inspired him to be an actor. He remembers watching American films when he was a boy, especially musicals. “I watched a lot of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire films,” he says. “The films were dubbed into Italian, but the musical numbers were sung in English. The actors made it sound and look so easy. I wanted to do what they did,” he says.

Sabato began to take acting classes in 1985. At 17 he was starring in Italian films. Then he got roles in several American television series. Then he started looking to his first film role in English in The Big Hit.

Sabato enjoys his career but he also likes a challenge. “I like to work hard at whatever I do,” he says. To keep his career interesting, Sabato selects challenging roles. “I take acting very seriously, whether I’m doing soap operas or film, or a commercial or a play.”

Although Sabato considers himself an actor, he got a lot of attention for his work as a Calvin Klein fashion model. His picture has appeared in dozens of magazines around the world. How does he feel when he opens a magazine and sees photographs of himself? “It’s really cool,” says Sabato. “It makes me really happy and proud.”


icon: ícono
successful: exitoso
role: papel, rol
childhood: niñez
inspired him: lo motivó
dubbed into: doblados al
were sung: estaban cantados
made it sound: lo hacían sonar
acting classes: clases de actuación
starring: protagonizando
film role: papel principal
enjoys his career: disfruta de su carrera

challenge: desafío
to work hard at whatever I do: trabajar intensamente en todo lo que hago
challenging roles: los papeles desafiantes
soap operas: telenovelas
commercial: aviso publicitario
play: obra de teatro
fashion model: modelo de modas
appeared: aparecido
really cool: realmente fantástico
proud: orgulloso