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Mario Quirce

The Fox
Cable Guy

Louis Aguirre has one of the most exciting jobs in television. He’s the anchor of the Fox News DECO DRIVE on the US Fox Network. He has to get up at 4:30 a.m. every day to do his job. He sets several alarm clocks and radios throughout his apartment to wake him up while the rest of the city is sound asleep.

But for this 40-year-old Cuban-American, the rewards of his profession are worth all the effort. ”This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was a high school student in Miami, where I grew up,” he says. ”I am having a lot of fun and I get a tremendous amount of help from my colleagues. That’s rare in this business.”

Aguirre wanted to be a journalist and a writer when he was younger. But he liked TV better than print. ”I’ve always been a little bit of a ham and TV gave me the opportunity to grab the spotlight,” he says.

Aguirre has been in the spotlight since he graduated from the University of Miami, Florida, USA. He has worked for such shows as A Current Affair, Extra, and as a reporter for WPLG-TV in Miami. But his parents didn’t want him to have a career in journalism. ”My parents wanted me to be a lawyer. They are both immigrants and had to work hard in the States. Maybe that’s why they wanted me to keep on studying and get a professional degree,” he says.

Aguirre was born in the U.S. He is the oldest of four children. He speaks Spanish and French fluently. ”I always wanted to be a top TV journalist and to live in New York City. When I was younger, I vowed that this is what I would do and that New York would be the city where I would do it,” Aguirre says. ”I really don’t see myself doing anything else or living anywhere else.”


one of the most exciting jobs: uno de los
puestos de trabajo más emocionantes
anchor: reportero de televisión
alarm clocks: relojes despertador
throughout: por todo el
to wake him up:
para despertarlo
sound asleep: profundamente dormida
rewards: recompensas
are worth all the effort: valen la pena
grew up: me crié
a lot of fun: mucha diversión

tremendous amount: enorme cantidad
colleagues: colegas
rare: raro, poco común
journalist: periodista
a little bit of a ham: algo radioaficionado
to grab the spotlight: capturar la atención
lawyer: abogado
to keep on: continuar
professional degree: título profesional
fluently: con fluidez, con soltura
I vowed: me prometí, me juré