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Part One

Some examples
you can use when
applying for a job


Your CV should always be accompanied by a covering letter because the two together form your 'marketing package'. The covering letter must expand on skills, abilities and experience which make you particularly suitable for the post for which you are applying. We have included two examples of covering letters. One is appropriate to send with an application form (Part One, three examples) and the other is for a speculative application (Part Two, two examples) .

Please, first of all remember this:

  • Design your covering letter for one side of A4 paper.

  • Do not simply repeat information from your CV.

  • Be positive because this is your sales pitch and your best promotion.

  • Handwritten or typed covering letters are both acceptable, but never photocopy a covering letter for another employer or job.

COVERING LETTER # 1: Application for a known vacancy

Mr. Michael Burnsite,
Project Manager,
Madison Home Foundation,
325 Madison Avenue, New York, 14124.

Dear Mr. Burnsite,

Development Officer, Job Reference No. 2315

I am enclosing my CV in response to your advertisement for the above position which appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 10th March, 2001.

As you will see I have recently graduated from the Kenton University with an Honours degree in Psychology.  I have been studying part-time for the last six years, as well as working full-time as a Care Assistant and running a home. I feel that this demonstrates my ability to maintain dedication, motivation and enthusiasm for a project over a long period of time.  In addition, balancing full-time work with study has perfected my time-management and organisational skills. I consider that the study of Psychology is particularly appropriate for the above position, particularly the course on Child Development which explored the personal, social and emotional development of children.

My current job as a Care Assistant, working in a residential home with young people with special needs, has given me an insight into the value of work with teenagers, and has underlined my determination to work with this age group.  In addition, my voluntary work with the Everett Project, when I organised some sporting competitions during the residential week at a holiday camp for young offenders, has reassured me that I am able to make a significant contribution in this particular area.

I would find the post of Development Officer very worthwhile and challenging, and I do hope that you will look favourably at my application.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Daniel Mackintosh

COVERING LETTER # 2: Application for a known vacancy

Mrs. Rosalyn Grapsas,
Personnel Manager,
Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue,
1014 Fifth Avenue, New York, 11025.

Dear Mrs. Grapsas,

I have recently completed a Modern Languages degree at the Florida University, and would like you to consider my application for the Personnel Management position advertised in today's Times.

Over the past two years I have looked at a range of management options. Based on attendance at several careers fairs, I have decided that Personnel is the management function that I wish to enter. While management has not been a formal part of my degree, the range of work experience has given me a solid skills base. As I believe you will see from my CV I have strong evidence to show that my communication and organization skills are well developed.

I enclose my CV outlining my experience to date and key skill areas which I believe are relevant to this position. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application with you and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Marina Kenser

COVERING LETTER # 3: Application for a known vacancy

3425, Loman St.
Paddington, Los Angeles, 72315.

Dear Sirs,

This letter is in reference to your ad requesting a Accounting Administrative, position for which I am particularly interested and believe to be fully qualified. 

In that sense, in Kimberley United Co., as an assistant to the Director and the Commercial Manager of a Strategic Business Unit, I could develop an interesting activity which included the edition of
shareholders’ reports, interactive presentations for the Board, market survey reports, accounting procedure manuals and everyday mailing to customers and suppliers. During the last five years, I conducted the operative sales group.

My working style is characterized by a high degree of confiability and confidentiality and by the use of demanding quality standards, emphasizing planning and monitoring of the areas under control.  My team working skills allow me to easily integrate with peers, managers and staff, being in adition very adaptable to changes. 

I would welcome the opportunity for a personal meeting to further discuss how my qualifications can best suit your needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you, I attach a more detailed summary of my background.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Brandon

Source: Orly Borges

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