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Mark Hull

Follow some good
advice and b
e more successful at work


1. Prioritize and use your mornings

Write down the six most important things you need to do each day. Make sure you do the most important thing on your list first. Do not get distracted by things which may seem more urgent. Use the morning when you have most energy to clear things off your priority list with the best possible efficiency. Schedule meetings for the afternoon when people are generally less effective. This technique is so simple but so few people actually use it that, if you do, you will seem truly exceptional.

2. Think health first

Many people work so hard that they burn out before they reach their full potential. People who devote all their time to work seem to get ahead at first. But, after a few years they risk losing their zest and mental energy at precisely the time they need it most. Avoid this long-term trap and enjoy the first half of your career more by making time for an active life outside work. Sport, exercise or physical chores are a great way to break the demands of your work and reduce any stress that might be building up.

3. Work smarter, not harder

Remember that, increasingly, modern work is about performance. Many people forget that they get paid for the value they add to a process rather than for the hours they work. If your work is done, go. Do not fall into the trap of lingering behind to impress your boss. You will become less efficient as a result and, ultimately, less valued.

4.  se your initiative and work to the point

Many people are content just to fulfil the demands of their official job description. If you anticipate the changing demands of your work, you will shine by comparison. Working in this way reinforces your image as a smart worker. It is one of the best ways for you to get where you want to go.

5. Keep meetings short

Whenever possible, plan meetings that will last for ten minutes or less. This may sound impossible, but is worth trying. People may soon come to appreciate the benefits of a ten-minute rule. It forces people to come prepared for a meeting that will focus on the most important issues. This preparation also helps people speak briefly and to the point during the meeting. Concentrating on key issues like this helps people come up with good ideas and become better at problem-solving.

6. Learn to listen

Ask other people for their opinions as often as you can. If you think about what you hear you may gain insights into issues which might otherwise be easy to overlook. People also feel valued and respected when they see that you take account of what they say. Giving people this type of respect may be even better than giving them a pay rise as a way of improving their motivation to work.

7. Be ready to give your opinion

Most managers tire quickly of people who always say ‘yes’ to their opinions. They value people who show they can think for themselves. If you feel you can never get ahead if you disagree with your boss, think about finding another job. A business headed by people who cannot listen to other people’s ideas is a business heading for failure.

8. Believe in yourself and have a good self-image

Very few people spend any time developing a healthy self-image. But your self-image can contribute directly to the level of success you enjoy at work. Every time you think about a work situation, picture yourself as succeeding in it. Take time to tell yourself that you are talented and that you deserve success. Building a positive self-image like this will create benefits for you that last for the rest of your life.

9. Set time aside for thinking

Being able to think well is probably our single greatest asset. Yet very few of us actually devote any quality time to it. Get into the habit of giving yourself half an hour each day for pure thinking. Great businesses are built on great ideas and hard work. Too often, we let the hard work get in the way of the great ideas. Make sure you do not fall into this trap.

10. Show good humour

We all like to be around positive people whose attitude, energy and humour can give us a lift. You can energize everyone around you by maintaining a positive attitude. Happiness is often a matter of choice. It does not need to depend on whether things are going well for you at work or not. Maintaining good humour - no matter what situation you find yourself in - can really improve the well-being of everyone about you. It will also make you feel better able to deal with life in general.

11. Delegate

Many people get bogged down doing trivial things which take up a lot of their productive time. Delegate everything of this kind that you can. You may think that you cannot afford to hire the help you need to do this. However, think of the value you can add to your business by using the time you free up to better, more productive benefit. Especially if you have truly learned to prioritize (see rule 1 above).

12. Be prepared to make mistakes

Taking a lot of decisions quickly and getting a few wrong may be more beneficial than trying to avoid all mistakes. Many business people say they learn a great deal by sorting out their mistakes. The great trick to success here is to avoid making the same mistake twice. As long as you make many more good decisions than bad, experience of this kind can increase your effectiveness greatly. But the truly great secret is to THINK BIG and use all of the above techniques consistently every day to make your hopes come true.

Source: New English Digest


prioritize: assign a priority to (dale prioridad a)
write down
: put down in writing (toma nota de)
make sure
: make a point of doing something (asegúrate que)
to clear things off
: to remove from sight (para eliminar cosas de)
: plan the time and place for events (agenda las, programa las)
: in fact, really (realmente)
burn out
: get exhausted (se agotan)
to get ahead
: to get advantages (obtener ventaja)
: vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment (pasión, entusiasmo)
at precisely the time
: exactly when (justo en el momento en que)
long-term trap
: something that catches you unawares and extending over a relatively long time (trampa a largo plazo)
by making time
: devoting some time (dedicando algo de tu tiempo)
physical chores
: physical activities (actividades físicas)
building up
: developing (gestándose)
: showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness (más hábilmente)
is about performance
: has to do with doing something (tiene que ver con el desempeño)
they get paid for
: employers pay them salaries for (se les paga por)
lingering behind
: moving to and fro (correr de aquí para allá)
: finally (finalmente)
to the point
: having precise and logical relevance to the matter at hand (yendo directamente al grano)

content just to fulfil: satisfied with just meet (satisfechos simplemente con cumplir)
you will shine
: you will be distinguished (te destacarás)
einforces: adds strength to (refuerza)
that will last
: that will extend (para que duren)
is worth trying
: deserves a try (vale la pena intentarlo)
will focus on
: will center on, will direct attention on (se centrará en)
: topics (temas, tópicos)
come up with
: produce (a producir)
insights: understanding (comprensión)
to overlook
: to neglect, not to see (de pasar por alto)
take account of what
: appreciate what (aprecias, valoras lo que)
pay rise
: salary increase (aumento de sueldo)
tire quickly of
: get tired of (se cansan rápidamente de)
heading for failure
: destined to lack of success (destinado al fracaso)
succeeding in it: as become successful (teniendo éxito)
being able to
: having the ability to (poder, ser capaz de)
: own advantage (bien)
give us a lift
: invigorate us, heighten us (revitalizarnos)
well-being: a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous (bienestar)
to deal with
: to manage a problem (para enfrentar la)
get bogged down (coloquiall): become obstructed by something, slowed down (se atoran)
take up
: absorb (le absorben, le insumen)
by sorting out: by classifying (clasificando, categorizando)
to make your hopes come true: to make your expectations real (para cristalizar tus expectativas)