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Douglas Jasch

Life expectancy:
Do you want to live
to be 100?
How about 90?


Interestingly, most people do not. In fact, a US study indicates that only one in four Americans wants to live to be a centenarian. It appears that despíte the world"s current obsession with wrinkle creams, lipo­suction and viagra, there is still a fear of incapacitation due to old age.

Most people would like to live to be 90 and expect to live until 80. However, this fear of incapacitation may not be based upon fact. Thomas Peris, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School who has studied thousands of centenarians says that contrary to popular belief, those who survive to be 100 usually remain active and healthy well into their 90s. Their final problems with illness are relatively short in the end. Ageing experts agree saying that the senior years are now far richer for many than in the past, filled with work, exercise, learning and

A survey of 2032 people in New England examining people's expectation about ageing showed some interesting results. lt indicated that on average people with university education wanted and expected to live longer than those without. Lower income people tended to be more pessimistic about their future quality of life. Women expected to live longer than men, they believed old age started older than men did and were more likely to try to delay ageing. Those already 65 wanted and expected to live longer than any other age group.

Experts say for most people the secret to living longer lies in a mixture of good genes and good behaviour, including a positive mental attitude. Those who live longer tend to be more optimistic, less neurotic and better able to handle stress.

Interestingly, Spanish women have the second longest lifespan in the world (just behind Japanese wornen). This is largely attributed by the World Health organization (WHO) to the famous Mediterranean diet which also highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.

The message appears to be clear: lf you want to live to a very healthy 100 you should eat well and keep an active mind. Perhaps most importantly don't worry, be happy and you may get your wish.

Source: Think in English


wrinkle creams: lotions which stop the skin front folding over and make the person's face look younger (cremas antiarrugas)
due to: because of, owing to
(debido a)
fact: on reality (en los hechos, en la realidad)
to remain (in this context): continue, be still
(continúan, permanecen)
great­great grandchildren: great-grandchildren of one' s son or daughter (tataranietos)

survey: study, questionnaire, poll (encuesta)  
to delay
ageing: postpone becoming old (retrasan el envejecimiento)
to handle: deal with, tackle, live
with, cope with (para manejar)
lifespan: length of time a person lives
(duración máxima de vida)
s: emphasises, stresses (resalta, destaca)
get your wish: obtain what you want
(alcanzar lo que te propones)