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SEAN CONNERY: A Living Legend

Robert Kent

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A film star for over forty years,
he is a living legend.
Audiences and film critics
all over the world adore him.


Not many men have been voted the Sexiest Man Alive at the age of sixty! However, Sean Connery is an actor who appeals to both men and women. Everyone admires his charm and charisma.

Sean Connery is very proud to be Scottish and he often talks about his love for Scotland. He was born in Edinburgh on the 25th August 1930. He came from a poor, working class family. His father worked in a factory and Sean left school when he was only thirteen years old. At the age of fifteen he joined the Royal Navy for three years. When he left the navy he tried many jobs. He worked as a labourer, cement mixer, milkman and bricklayer. He did not want to be an actor but dreamed of being a football player. As a hobby, he tried body building and when he was in London competing in a body building competition he auditioned for a small part in a musical. He won the part and his acting career began.


Sean worked very hard to improve his acting. He took dancing and singing lessons. However, he did not become famous until he got the chance to play James Bond in the film Dr No in 1962. He beat many other distinguished actors, including Cary Grant and Rex Harrison, who also wanted to play the suave secret service agent. The producer of Dr No decided that Sean Connery was the right person to play James Bond when he watched Sean walk down the street!

Following the success of the film Dr No, Sean Connery was asked to play in four James Bond films during the Sixties - Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice. Many fans of James Bond films think that he was the best James Bond of all time.


Eventually, Sean grew tired of playing James Bond and after making the film, Diamonds Are Forever in 1971, he vowed that he would ‘never again’ make another James Bond film. At the time, he was paid a record-breaking salary of $1.25 million for his part in the film. However, he agreed to play James Bond once more in 1983 and the producers called the film Never Say Never Again. His fans were delighted.

In the 1980s Sean Connery took on different and more varied roles. He won an Oscar for his role as a tough Irish cop in The Untouchables, in which he starred alongside Kevin Costner. He also played Harrison Ford's eccentric father in the popular Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. His cameo role as King Richard in Robin Hood had cinema audiences cheering his screen appearance!


His most recent films include The New Avengers with actors Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes, and Entrapment. In Entrapment Sean plays an ageing art burglar who teams up with the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones in a thriller set around the Millennium.

Despite his Hollywood success, Sean Connery has remained loyal to his native land. He has worked for the Scottish National Theatre and in the 1970s he founded the Scottish International Education Trust, an organisation to help young Scots receive an education. He even made an appearance in the elections for the new Scottish parliament to lend weight to the Scottish Nationalist Party's cause. It is said that he was not given a knighthood in 1997 because of his links with this Party. Although he lives for much of the time in Spain and the Bahamas, he is regarded as Scotland’s most famous son.

Source: New English Digest


charm: appeal (atracción)
(karísma): a person’s magnetic appeal or charm (carisma)
labourer: someone who works on a building site who has no particular skills (trabajador)
bricklayer: a craftsman skilled in building with bricks (albañil)
auditioned: performed, acted in order to get a role (audicionó)
suave (suáiv): smooth-acting and polite (sometimes considered rather superficial) (fino, muy atento)
grew tired of: became tired, exhausted of (doing the same things) (se cansó de)
: swore (juró)

record-breaking salary: a salary surpassing any previously established record (que superó todos los records)
took on
: accepted as a challenge (encaró, "se jugó con")
cop: policeman (slang) ("cana", policía)
cameo role: important part in a film (importante rol o papel)
burglar: thief (ladrón)
teams up: forms a team (se asocia)
to lend weight to something: to add importance to something (prestarle importancia)
knighthood: an honour awarded by a monarch (título de caballero)
regarded: considered (considerado)



1 Sean was born into a    family.

2.  At the age of fifteen, he decided to be a  .

3.  When he was young, he dreamed of being a    star.

4.  In 1962, he played a part as a  .

5.  After Diamonds Are Forever, Sean vowed he would give up  .

6.  In 1997 he was expected to receive a  .

7 At the age of sixty, he is considered to be very attractive to  .

8 He is a    supporter of Scottish independence.

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