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Mario Quirce

Music and fashion are
Daisy Fuentes' passion.


Music and fashion also happen to be the key to her success. Daisy Fuentes has been MTV’s most popular on-air personality for more than a decade. The network picked her to host MTV’s House of Style, its popular fashion program.

Daisy’s long career in the changing world of MTV personalities is a great achievement. She has also hosted such important events as the Miss Universe Pageant and this year’s Latin Music Awards. Her strong presence and perfect diction in both English and Spanish make her the perfect host.

Daisy may spend her days travelling with celebrities, but her immigrant beginnings were not that glamorous. She came to the United States from Cuba after spending four years in Spain waiting to get into the U.S. Her family settled in a middle-class neighbourhood in Harrison, NJ. ”I’ve lived in New Jersey since I was 9 and that’s where I feel at home,” she says.

Despite all her success, Daisy says she never planned to be in show business. She really wanted to be a beautician. ”I was attending Bergen Community College in New Jersey and at the same time I enrolled in cosmetology school because I loved to do hair and make-up. When I went out with my friends, I would do their hair and make-up,” she says. ”I thought it was my calling. It came pretty naturally to me and I enjoyed it.” Daisy never made it to cosmetology class.

Around that time, a neighbour who was a fashion designer asked her to do a job as a model. She started doing freelance modelling. Daisy met the wife of the president of Channel 41, the local Spanish-language TV station, at one of the fashion shows. The woman told her husband about Daisy and he gave Daisy an audition. At the time she was still an amateur and had no TV experience. But they saw her talent and offered her a job announcing the weather. Daisy went to the beauty school’s office and asked for her money back.

”I wasn’t very good at doing the weather at first. I had no idea what this weather map behind me meant. But I felt comfortable in front of the camera, even when I didn’t know what I was doing,” she says. ”I knew that I would get better. And I knew that this was definitely what I wanted to do.”

While working for the Spanish-language station, Daisy put together an audition tape and sent it to MTV. They were impressed and offered Daisy a job doing MTV Internacional, the Spanish-language MTV program. Her relationship with MTV has grown a lot since then. ”I love television, but I was ready to leave MTV. Then they offered me the job hosting House of Style. I am always ready to think about any reasonable offers,” she says.

By taking risks and taking advantage of opportunities, Daisy Fuentes is poised to go all the way, her way.


happen to be: resultan ser
achievement: logro
diction: dicción, forma clara de hablar.
host: presentador, animador
despite: a pesar de
beautician: cosmetóloga
make-up: maquillaje
calling: llamado (de ambición)

still: todavía
around that time: por esa época
meant: significaba
while working: mientras trabajaba
relationship: relación
reasonable: razonable
by taking risks: asumiendo riesgos
poised to: lista, preparada para)