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From VOA Learning English, welcome to "As It Is". I’m Steve Ember. Today, calendarschoosing the right one takes time.

as it is: de hecho, tal como están las cosas; choosing: eligiendo, escogiendo; the right one: el más adecuado; takes time: lleva tiempo;


The New Year is the time for new beginnings. It is also the time to buy a calendar. Have you bought yours yet?

beginnings: puntos de partida; have you bought ... yet?: ¿ya has comprado...?;


With so many choices, it can take a lot of time just to choose the right one. There are small ones. Big ones. Calendars that sit on a desk. Calendars that hang on the wall. Calendars you can carry around with you. Calendars that show a whole month, or one day at a time.

so many choices: tantas opciones, alternativas; a lot of time: mucho tiempo; small ones / big ones: pequeños/grandes ("ones" reemplaza al sustantivo "calendarios" para que el texto no resulte reiterativo); sit on: se posan, apoyan sobre; hang on: cuelgan de; carry around: llevar a todas partes; a whole month: un mes completo; one day at a time: un día por vez;


Of course, in one way all calendars are the same. They all list the same days of the year in exactly the same order. But people do not buy calendars just to know what day it is. Calendars have become popular gifts because many are filled with beautiful pictures.

in one way: en cierto modo; they all list: todo ellos listan, enumeran; the same: los mismos; exactly: exactamente; the same order: el mismo orden; just to know: sólo para saber; what day it is: que día es; have become: se han convertido en; popular gifts: regalos comunes; are filled with: contienen;


You can even learn from calendars. They often give information about their subjectsuch as famous writers or American Indians or flower gardens.

you can even learn from: incluso puedes aprender de; often: a menudo; subject: temática; such as: tales como; famous writers: autores famosos;


There are calendars about food and about beautiful places in the world.

about food: sobre alimentos; in the world: del mundo;

For pet lovers, there are calendars with pictures of cats doing unusual things. Three hundred sixty-five of themone for each day of the year. And of course, there’s one more in leap years.

pet lovers: amantes de las mascotas; unusual things: cosas atípicas, insólitas; three hundred sixty-five: 365; in leap years: en años bisiestos;


Would you rather look at pictures of cars? Or trains? Or airplanes? There are calendars with those, too.

would you rather...?: ¿preferirías...?; with those too: con esas (imágenes) también;


Some people do not just look at their calendars. They use them to write down important things they must remember, like meetings or doctor’s appointments.

they use them: los utilizan; to write down: para anotar; must: deben; meetings: reuniones; doctor's appointments: turnos/citas con los médicos;


Busy people can buy small calendars to carry around to help them organize and plan their life. But what if they forget to look at their calendar? No worries therethere are electronic organizers that make sounds to remind people of things they must do. These days, if you forget something, it is getting harder and harder to find a good excuse.

busy people: las personas ocupadas; to help them organize: para ayudarles a organizar; and plan: planificar; but what if: pero qué ocurre si; no worries there: no hay problema con eso; electronic organizer: agenda electrónica; make sounds: suenan; to remind: para recordar; these days: hoy en dia, en la actualidad; it is getting harder and harder: resulta cada vez más difícil; to find a good excuse: encontrar una buena excusa;


Then, there are some people who do not like little calendars, or big ones, or noisy electronic ones. They are happy just to write down notes to themselves on small pieces of paper.

some who people do not like: algunas personas a quienes no les gusta; noisy: ruidosos; they are happy just: se conforman simplemente con; write down notes to themselves: anotarse recordatorios; small pieces: trozos pequeños;


Then, there’s the matter of New Year’s Resolutions. Have you made yours? More importantly, do you keep yours? We’ll talk about that next.

matter: asunto; New Year's Resolutions: buenos propósitos de Año Nuevo; Have you made...?: ¿Ya has decidido/definido...?; more importantly: cabe destacar; do you keep yours?: ¿mantienes el tuyo? (propósito); we'll talk about that next: hablaremos de eso en el próximo boletín;


It’s "As It Is", New Year’s Eve edition from VOA Learning English, I’m Steve Ember.