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Kesta Allen

The first whisky
was made in monasteries
for medicinal purposes.

Scotland is famous for its whisky. Over the centuries, it has enjoyed a special place in all Scottish hearts. It is the drink of hospitality. In Scotland, a dram of whisky is offered to guests to celebrate a special occasion.

Whisky is drunk to mark the birth of a child, to celebrate a wedding or to welcome weary travellers to the home. It is also used for medicinal purposes. A dram of whisky is said to help cure minor ailments such as colds, flu or toothache.

The word whisky comes from the Scottish Gaelic word, uisge, meaning Water of Life. It is made from malted barley. However, only the sugars contained in the barley are used to make whisky. The rest of the barley is thrown away after the sugars have been extracted.

Single malt whisky is made by one distillery. The taste of single malts can vary from year to year. Blended whiskies are made from many different distilleries. The blend helps to ensure the taste is the same each year. Single malts are considered to be the best. A connoisseur or expert can even tell which distillery produced the single malt whisky from its taste.

According to tradition, the secrets of distilling came from Ireland and were introduced by St Patrick over 1,500 years ago. The first whisky was made in monasteries for medicinal purposes. Until the nineteenth century, most distilling was done at home. Householders produced their own whisky to help pay rents and for drinking during the hard, cold winters.

Whisky is popular all over the world and Scotland exports large quantities of whisky every year. Scientists have tried to make whisky in Japan, Germany and America. However, it does not taste the same as Scottish Whisky. The cold northern climate seems to be an essential ingredient to ensure that the whisky is matured properly. As many Scotsmen will tell you, the world's best whisky is made in Scotland!

Source: New English Digest


ospitality: hospitalidad
dram: copita, traguito
: agotados, cansados
guests: huéspedes, invitados
minor ailments: achaques o dolencias de menor importancia
"Agua de Vida" en gaélico escocés
malted barley: cebada malteada
distillery: destilería

blended whiskies: los whiskies mezclados o combinados
connoisseur: experto, conocedor
over 1,500 years ago: hace más de 1.500 años
to help pay rents: para ayudar a pagar los alquileres
to ensure: para asegurar

: madurado