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OM Personal English

In September 2000, Omar Iorio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, responded to an invitation to visit our new web with these words, "Due to my job I had the opportunity to visit the U.S. and there I realized that you don't exist if you haven't learnt the basic rudiments of English grammar".

OM PERSONAL: How did you know about us?
OMAR IORIO: Some years ago, while surfing the Internet for a good place where I could learn and practice English, I found several sites but I didn't become fully satisfied. One day I received an email from OM by that time a brand new website on the Internet which invited me to visit it. I grew interested, so I immediately checked your page and found great resources to learn English without leaving home. Then you promoted your newsletter and I decided to subscribe for free. That's how I became an OM PERSONAL ENGLISH subscriber in September 2000.

OM: Are you working at present?
OI: Fortunately, yes. I work downtown for a company that sells customer services. Basically, we sell tools for the main industries.

OM: Do you need English in your job?

OI: Yes, I really do. At the beginning, as a Purchaser I needed to contact companies in English by fax or email, but one day I had to visit one of our main customers, an American company, and the only way I could communicate with them was speaking English. This experience taught me the most important lesson. Nowadays, I work for the Sales Department, and of course I also need English there.

OM: Which are your favorite sections in our portal?
OI: The OM Express Talking Dictionary, the OM Grammar, the Short Stories sections and of course the full interactive courses are among my favorites. But I also like the listening tutorials and your OM Chat because I can contact people from other countries.

OM: Any suggestion for a near future?
OI: I think it would be interesting that children could also learn English online with OM, and talk to other children worldwide in their own chat room.

OM: Any other comments?
OI: I'm proud of OM Personal English as an Argentine product, so I suggest that you should keep on this successful model.