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VOA - Voice of America


Entrepreneurs have changed the world

"Entrepreneur" is a French word that means someone who does something. An entrepreneur is someone who attempts to organize resources in new and more valuable ways and accepts full responsibility for the result.

Entrepreneurs bring a new product, service or idea to market. For more than a century, entrepreneurs have changed the world. American Bill Gates is perhaps the world's best-known entrepreneur. He did not invent personal computers. But his operating system made computers easy to use. It also brought the new technology to millions of people around the world.

Wendell Cochran is a journalism professor at American University in Washington, D.C. He says the Internet is a very helpful tool for entrepreneurs. That is because it provides information to anyone, anywhere.

Craig Newmark is an example of another American entrepreneur. Thirteen years ago, Mister Newmark created an Internet message service for the investment company where he worked. Today, his web site, Craig's List, has users in more than five hundred fifty cities and fifty countries. They can buy and sell goods, find a job or a place to live.

Modern technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs around the world to succeed. However, they still have problems getting money to start businesses and deal with government restrictions in many countries.

In Venezuela, for example, monetary exchange controls and a leadership hostile to free markets make it difficult to do business. Santiago Alvarez is a businessman in Caracas. He says it is difficult to get all the permits necessary to start a business.

In South Africa, Mthuli Ncube is the director of the entrepreneurship institute at the University of the Vitwatersrand. He says the African continent does not have enough entrepreneurs who are prepared to take risks.

Donald Trump is one of America's most successful property developers. He says entrepreneurs must think big and take action. He says they also must study new information, learn to negotiate and enjoy competition.

entrepreneur: empresario, emprendedor, hombre de negocios; French word: término de origen francés; means: significa; does: hace; attempts: intenta; resources: recursos; valuable ways: formas o maneras útiles; full: completa; bring: traen, aportan; perhaps: quizás, tal vez; best-known; más conocido; personal: personales; also brought: trajo también; helpful tool: herramienta útil; that is because: eso es así porque; provides: entrega, provee; another: otro más; users: usuarios; goods: mercaderías; place: lugar; has made it easier: ha facilitado; to succeed: tener éxito; however: con todo, sin embargo; getting money: para conseguir dinero; deal with: lidiar con; exchange controls: controles de cambio; leadership: liderazgo, presidencia; businessman: ejecutivo, hombre de negocios; entrepreneurship: empresarial, para emprendimientos; enough: suficientes; property developers: desarrolladores inmobiliarios; must: deben; enjoy: disfrutar.

Source: VOA - Voice of America

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