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Sally Hawksmore

Simple steps to creating your own Internet business is probably the most famous internet business, but there are more and more internet-based businesses making their young owners into overnight millionaires – even if the business itself hasn't made a cent of profit yet!

The most recent success story is a group of students who created ‘’ as an information centre for students. After just 22 weeks they sold the business for £10 million. Not bad for an outlay of a few PCs and time spent creating web pages! Now you can follow our steps to follow in their footsteps. Good luck and remember to give us the credit!

Be first 
Have a really good idea before anyone else does. There is no space for the ‘me too’. Selling books on the internet is a great idea, but Amazon has already done that.

Be fast
If you have a really good idea, don't wait around for someone else to have the same one.

Be determined
Don’t admit defeat. There will be many difficulties – technical and financial.

Be ready to hand over control
Unless you have business experience already, banks may want you to give control to someone with that experience before they give you the money.

Be organised 
Have a plan. A simple one will do, but if you want to attract investment it’s essential.

Be ready to grow
Start small, but don’t stay that way.

Sell, sell, sell. If you want investment, you have to sell, and keep selling your idea to people. But be careful - don’t give everything away.

Source: New English Digest


a cent of profit: a penny of benefit (un céntimo de ganancia)
outlay: money paid out (salida de dinero)
me too: also me (yo también)
don't admit defeat: don't become frustrated (no te des por vencido/a)
to hand over: to transfer your project to another (para transferir, entregar)
will do: will work (funcionará)

investment: the act of investing, laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit (inversiones)
don't stay that way: you have to change and improve (no te estanques, no permanezcas estático/a)
keep selling: go on selling (sigue vendiendo)
don't give everything away: don't let everything out
(no lo regales todo)