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Christine Todino

Steps to start
your business
from your home.

STEP 1: Get Organized

Before you get started, you will need to know the legal details of starting your own business. You will need the following:


A BUSINESS LICENCE: Call up your Town Hall and ask for the department that deals with licences for businesses.


INSURANCE: If you make a product, go to customers’ homes, or have customers in your home, you will need insurance to protect yourself.


NAME AND LOGO: You must register the name of your business with the appropriate authorities. A logotype for your business is also an excellent idea.

STEP 1: Get Organized

Some supplies depend on the type of business you choose. Others are basics that everyone can use, such as stationery and business cards, a filing system, and an answering machine. If you have the space, you may want to use a separate room as an office. That way, you may be able to “write off” (deduct from the income taxes you pay) part of your utilities or mortgage.

STEP 3: Get Moving

You have to attract customers, let people know about your business, what services you provide, and what you charge. If you don’t know what you should charge, call up similar businesses in your area and find out what their rates are. You may want to make yours a little less. Then, let people know about your business. Here are some simple, inexpensive marketing ideas:


FLYERS: Print up some brightly coloured flyers that describe your business. Hang them up in busy areas of your neighbourhood such as grocery shops and community centres.


DIRECT MAILINGS: If you decide to start a pet-care business, for example, send letters or e-mails to local veterinarians and pet supply stores introducing your business. They may have customers who could use you.


BUSINESS CARDS: You never know when you’ll meet someone interested in your services.


YELLOW PAGES: The yellow pages of your phone book. This is simple to do and extremely important, it is not free however.


WORD-OF-MOUTH: Your very best advertisement is satisfied customers. Family and friends can help you advertise, too. Don’t be shy. Ask them to recommend you to friends.

... and NOW your are ready to begin !!

Source: New English Digest


Town Hall: a government building that houses administrative offices of a town government (Municipio)
ask for
: inquire about (pide por, solicita)
deals with
: administers (administra)
insurance: protection against future loss (seguro)
: logotype, a company emblem (logotipo)
stationery: letter paper, paper cut to an appropriate size for writing letters usually with matching envelopes (papelería de oficina)
that way
: by doing this (de ese modo)
write off: cancel or reduce the value (deducir, descargar de impuestos)
mortgage: a conditional conveyance of property as security for the repayment of a loan (hipoteca)
provide: supply, offer (provees, ofreces)
what you charge
: how much you charge for your services (lo que cobras)

call up: telephone, ring up (llama por teléfono)
find out: search, investigate (averigua)
rates: prices, fees (precios)
yours: your rates (los tuyos, tus precios)
flyers: advertisements usually printed on a pages intended for massive distribution (volantes, folletos simples)
grocery shops: marketplaces or stores where groceries are sold (almacenes)
pet supply stores: shops selling supplies for pets (tiendas de alimentos para mascotas)
word-of-mouth: comments spread by spoken communication (boca a boca, recomendación verbal)
shy: timid (tímido/a)

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