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Christine Todino

What businesses
can you start
from your home?

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? It may be the perfect career solution for students, mothers, retired people, and those who are unhappy in their current jobs. The problem is, many people don’t know where to begin.

If you’d like to start your own business but think it is too difficult, read on. You may find the right business for you. Following are some ideas:

1. Word processing services.
Do you have a computer? Use your word processing skills. You can type up CVs, manuscripts for books and school papers for other people. If you live near a college or university, this could be for you. What you’ll need: Computer and printer, software and reference books.

2. Cooking instruction.
International cuisine is very popular right now. Do you like to cook? Why not teach others your kitchen secrets? What you’ll need: A fully equipped kitchen and good communication skills.

3. Home cleaning.
For many working mothers and busy professionals, regular house cleaning is often difficult to do. Why don’t you do it for them? You can charge an hourly rate for cleaning. For an additional charge you can offer services such as attic/closet/garage organization. What you’ll need: Cleaning supplies and the ability to organize and to pay attention to details.

4. Typing instruction.
These days, computers are everywhere, but not everybody can type. Can you? Why not teach it? What you’ll need: a typewriter or computer, good communication skills and patience.

5. Errand/shopping service.
People often don’t have time to run errands like buying stamps or picking up dry cleaning during business hours. Why not make a profit doing it for them? What you’ll need: knowledge of the area, organization and promptness. In suburban areas, you may need a vehicle.

6. Pet care.
If you love animals, this could be for you. People who work or travel often need someone to feed and exercise their pets. What you’ll need: an understanding of animal behaviour, a backyard or access to a park and a list of good veterinarians for emergencies.

7. Sewing/Alterations.
This is an excellent way to make money if you have sewing skills. You can charge a flat rate (a specific fee) for alterations like hemming a skirt or replacing buttons on a jacket. You can charge an hourly rate for custom sewing like making a suit or dress for someone. What you’ll need: a sewing machine, a full-length mirror and sewing supplies (zips, buttons, thread, etc.).

8. Music instruction.
Do you play a musical instrument well? Teach others to play. What you’ll need: an instrument, sheet music and patience.

9. Party/event planner.
People who are planning large events need help and guidance. If you have a talent for organizing your own parties, why not do it for others? What you’ll need: good communication skills, flexibility and a list of good, reliable suppliers (caterers, florists, etc).

10. Massage Therapist/Reflexologist.
This one’s a little different. You need special training to perform these services, but these markets are booming in today’s fast-paced world. What you’ll need: a massage therapy licence, massage table, sheets, towels and massage cream.

Source: New English Digest


dreamed of: dreamed "with" is not correct (soñado con)
retired people: people no longer active in their work or profession (personas jubiladas o retiradas)
read on: keep on reading (continúa leyendo)
skills: abilities (habilidades, conocimientos)
right now: at present (en estos momentos)
hourly rate
: rate per hour (precio por hora)
attic: open space at the top of a house (desván, ático)
cleaning supplies
: cleaning products (artículos de limpieza)
to run errands: to do short trips for any task or mission (hacer trámites o mandados)
picking up: gathering, collecting (recoger, retirar)
make a profit: earn money (ganar dinero)
promptness: punctuality (puntualidad)
pet care
: the work of caring for or attending to dogs, cats, etc. (cuidado de mascotas)
to feed
: to give food (alimentar)
: the grounds in back of a house (patio trasero)
sewing skills: abilities for sewing (habilidades para la costura)

hemming: folding over and sewing together to provide with a hem (hacer el dobladillo de)
sewing machine: a household appliance used for sewing (máquina de coser)
full-length mirror:
a big vertical mirror or looking-glass (espejo hasta el piso)
zips: zippers (cierres, cremalleras)
thread: fine sewing cords (hilo para costura)
sheet music: a musical composition in printed or written form (partituras)
: parties, meetings, etc. (eventos, reuniones)
have a talent for: possess unusual innate ability in (tienes talento, habilidad para)
reliable suppliers: providers you can trust (proveedores confiables)
caterers: people who provide food and service for parties (proveedores de comida para fiestas)
booming: becoming fashionable (poniéndose de moda)
fast-paced world: accelerated world (mundo apurado)
licence: permit (licencia, autorización)
sheets: bed linen (sábanas)

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