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Today we interview
Lilian Melhem, BBA

How did it cross your mind to be a Virtual Assistant?
I had this idea for many determining factors. As a Bachelor of Business Administration, I worked in different areas of many companies and today I can choose what I like the most to do. To work from my own space enables me to assist several customers and to adapt myself to their different needs, to plan my agenda to offer each one of them the time and dedication needed to accomplish their expected targets. The VA is an undertaking in itself, because the activity is profitable, sustainable and scalable, and the customers get savings in taxes, space and even in coffee.

What characterises you and what do you consider it differentiates you from other professionals?
Okay, I am going to give the most objective posible view and I am going to enumerate the characteristics that over the years gave me many satisfactions: I adapt myself very easily to the requirements of the customer, I know how to “listen”, I am empathic, innovative, proactive, resolutive, efficient, reliable and I know how to keep a long term relationship with my customers. I meet delivery dates and much more!

Tell me what is a Virtual Assistant.
A Virtual Assistant is a person to whom you can delegate with full confidence part of your work and responsibilities, either personal or professional.

Who can benefit from the work of a Virtual Assistant?
Entrepreneurs, companies and aged persons or families that many times need to delegate personal issues because they do not know how or they do not have the time to do it. That is the reason why I cover from the most simple to the most complex tasks.

Which are the tasks of a Virtual Assistant?
First, you have to assess the needs of you customers and to plan the duties and execution time, always in accordance with their needs. The work depends on whether it is a company, a new business or a person, since in the two first cases there may be very specific subjects on projects and tasks that require my participation until their completion, and among the most common functions we have:

Events organization, on-line payment of bills, preparation of the paycheck stubs of employees and payment of social security charges, among others, making and reception of calls and emails, management of social networks and agendas, reminder of appointments, meetings, special dates. Travel planning, hotel bookings, and reservation of flight and activities. Customer follow-up, accounts payable, redaction of documents, translations English-Spanish and Spanish-English.

To sum up, EVERYTHING the customers may require since I adapt myself to their needs, whether personal, corporate or undertaking.

In a few words, I help to ORGANIZE YOURSELF.

For more information: WhatsApp: +54 9 11 5475 2555


what I like the most: lo que más me gusta
to accomplish: para lograr, para conseguir
targets: objetivos, metas
over the years
: a lo largo de los años
reliable: confiable
either personal or professional:
tanto personales como profesionales
: emprendedores

the reason why: la razón por la cual
to assess: evaluar, analizar
in accordance with
: de acuerdo con, conforme a
depends on: depende de
since: puesto que, dado que
among others: entre otras tareas
customer follow-up: seguimiento de clientes